Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How often to do the GTD Mind Sweep

A common question I’ve heard from GTDers is, “How often should I do the Mind Sweep?” The answer is easy—clear your mind as often as you can of what’s grabbing your attention. Remember, the Mind Sweep isn’t about sitting down to create a To Do list. It’s simply asking, “What’s grabbing my attention right now?” Asking that question can help you fully focus on what you want to focus on, versus where your mind is trying to yank you. Remember, your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.
Some times to consider doing a Mind Sweep:
  1. Before you start your day and dive into your inboxes
  2. When you end your day and are about to leave work or go to bed
  3. When you come out of a meeting
  4. When you’re at lunch, away from your normal workspace, where your mind might get triggered by different things
  5. Walking around your house, simply asking, “What’s not exactly the way I want it?”
  6. On your commute home (if you have one) by writing or dictating into an audio app
You may be surprised how often your mind has something to clear.
—Kelly Forrister
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John Vespasian said...

Actually, I would recommend a mind focus rather than a mind sweep. The best way to preserve your balance and serenity is to know where you are going. By emptying your mind at regular intervals, I doubt that you can enjoy your day. An interesting short article, but I don't subscribe to its ideas.

dannielo said...

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